I’m weird. I’ll admit it. More often than not I would prefer to order another appetizer at a restaurant while others are indulging in dessert. And at home, I don’t think twice about eating vegetables for breakfast. This morning, I’m gaga over these little roasted peppers.

Vegetable for breakfast you ask? Absolutely!

I know that the more vegetables there are in my diet, the healthier I will be. (Ideally, we would all eat 2+ pounds of non-starchy vegetables each day.) I also have a really busy life that requires me to leave the house very early in the morning. Sometimes work and social engagements mean I’m coming home long after dinner. I started eating vegetables for breakfast on the recommendation of Chef AJ. A pound of cooked vegetables is only about 2-3 cups of food. I can easily eat that before walking out the door – half of my daily goal.

Starting my day with vegetables is also a little like exercising in the morning. It sets up the right mind set for the day. If I can workout and fuel my body with nutrient-packed goodness before 7:30 am, my brain pretty much knows I’m unstoppable. Bring it on. I mean business. I seek health. And I’m not afraid to be different.

What do you think? Would you eat vegetables for breakfast?