browniesWelcome to To Your Health, the occasional link roundup on What Carry Eats. This week – weight loss, exercise, a funny video and a tasty brownie recipe!


7 Common Calorie Myths We Should All Stop Believing <– People love to oversimplify nutrition. The perpetual echo chamber about the role of calories in weight loss is particularly irritating. Props to Mark’s Daily Apple for calling BS on these common calorie myths.

Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many early deaths as obesity <– Whether you are a healthy weight or not, something as simple as a daily 20 min. brisk walk could reduce your chances of premature death dramatically. Fascinating!

Sitting too much? Do this. <– If a 20 min. walk is too much, researchers at Indiana University found that simply taking a five-minute walk can help maintain the healthy function of leg arteries that could otherwise be compromised during hours of sitting.

What Michael Pollan gets wrong about losing weight <– Yup. Even “real food” can be detrimental, especially if it triggers over-eating.

How to combat diet and exercise self-sabotage with mindfulness <– Even if you aren't into meditation, this is an enlightening read.

A funny video of a Vitamix owner trying to justify the cost of their expensive blender <– SNL nails it!

Date-Sweetened Brownies <– This looks fabulous. To be totally “Carry approved,” substitute coconut butter made with whole coconut flesh for the coconut oil called for in the recipe.