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aguas frescas

Keeping with the Mexican theme, here’s a recipe for a delicious beverage known in Mexico as aguas frescas. It is an inspired compliment to the rich melding of chiles, herbs and spices found in Mexican food. Make a huge container of this cooling drink in the morning and enjoy its thirst-quenching contents ladled out throughout the day.

Watermelon Aguas Frescas

Serves 4

2 c seedless watermelon (or any summer fruit of your choice)
1 c ice
1 tbsp lime juice

Put the watermelon and ice in the container of a blender jar. Add water to fill the blender jar up to the 1-quart mark. Blend until the watermelon and ice are liquefied. Stir in the lime juice and enjoy!

Calories - aguas frescas

Photo by Elana Amsterdam, used with permission