As of this posting, I’m somewhere west of Las Vegas, headed to Death Valley for a week of bike riding. Wishing you good health while I’m on vacation!

Here are some interesting reads from around the web this week…

Robin Robertson has published a new cookbook – More Quick Fix Vegan. Her first Quick Fix Vegan is awesome, so I have high hopes for this one!

Exactly how does one “season to taste“?

Read the ingredient list on packaged food. You do this right?

Recipes I’d like to try…

Flawless kale chips. Mine always turn out burnt when I make them in the oven, and I often don’t have the patience to use a dehydrator. I’ll give these a try though!

Spinach chickpea quinoa omelette. Green for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

Photo by Randy Le’Moine Photography, used with permission