Something-for-the-WeekendHappy Saturday! We’re spending two exciting days with my niece and nephew this weekend. No doubt we’ll have loads of fun!

Here are some interesting reads from around the web this week…

much needed, well researched, and evidence-based article from Ginny Messina, about whole grains. Important reading, I think, for anyone who has been scare-mongered into fearing these nutritious foods.

Why you should always order the bigger pizza – without the cheese of course!

The most popular meal planning app: Cook Smarts. For my money, I actually prefer Pepperplate.

Finally, obesity may hurt the brain, but exercise can counteract the harm.

Recipes I’d like to try…

I think I’ll try making this 15-minute, grateable, meltable vegan cheese with almond milk first.

I bet these baked eggs with lemon-kale pesto would be awesome without the salt and oil.

What inspired you this week?