There is an amazing community of bloggers that create and post delicious recipes that meet or almost meet my desire to cook without dairy, salt, oil, and refined sugars. Today I’d like to shout a big “wahoo!” from the depths of my stomach for a few astounding recipes we’ve tried this past week:

  • Greens & Red Pepper Gratin
    We used one bunch of chard for the greens, water sauteed the veggies instead of using oil, and used short grain brown rice instead of arborio. We did use the 2 ounces of Gruyère called for in the recipe, figuring this was a special occasion dish. My father-in-law said he could almost become a vegetarian if he could eat dishes like this every day.
  • Smokey Butternut Squash Sauce with Pasta & Greens
    We made homemade pasta with Bluebird Grain Farms’ Whole Grain Pasta Flour, cooked it with some chopped kale and tossed it with this smokey, sweet sauce. We omitted the salt and hot sauce and added about 1/2 tsp of ancho chili powder. Four of us practically licked the bowl clean.
  • Rad Rainbow Pad Thai
    This does not taste like pad thai to me, but it is a delicious raw salad with a not-spicy nutty sauce. If you’re trying to eat more raw veggies this year, this salad is a great place to start.
  • Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip
    Spinach & artichoke is normally a notoriously unhealthy dish, full of high-fat ingredients with little nutritional value. Dreea Burton’s version is full of veggies and creamy (thanks to the cashews). Bake it up in the oven and the warm gooiness will knock your socks off! Again, we omitted the salt, with no ill effects.

Photo courtesy of Dreena Burton, used with permission.